DJ Set: Gitte Verführt

25.01.20 - 21:00
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Gitte is not only an artist in the traditional sense, but he is also a Mastering Engineer, Music Producer, DJ und Live Artist who has been producing music for more than 15 years. His electronic and many faceted musical travels began in 1998 in Essen while attending a concert of the techno heroes “Der Dritte Raum”. This was the moment that inspired him to purchase his first synthesizer.

He is at home in the world of sound, has a keen ear, and a solid foundation of technical knowledge. He has a talent for unfolding all the hidden characteristics in each and every tone, bringing them to the forefront, and then letting them disappear again.

Gitte Verfuehrt creates rhythms that set your emotions free, gives you inner strength, and just simply makes you dance. When Djing, he becomes one with the music itself and takes you into other worlds just on the verge of reality. These are places that you have desired and longed for. Subsequently you will move on with knowing ears and a heart full of pulsing and rolling beats and your world will be enriched from the happiness you've experienced.