Film: Bushfallers

11.03.18 - 20:00
English & German, English subtitles

Soli Screening with Bamenda Film School | Cameroon

BUSHFALLERS – A Journey of Chasing Dreams | Documentary 2015 | Germany/Cameroon (60min, OmU)

A team of four filmmakers – two from Cameroon and two from Germany – are on their journey to find out, why so many Africans want to migrate to Europe. What pictures do Africans have in mind, when they think about Europe? What motivates them to leave their homes? What are their plans when reaching their destination? And what happens, if their dream turns into a nightmare?

Besides these main questions, the film team follows the trace of a woman who migrated under false promises to Kuwait, where she was held under traumatic conditions. Is her fate an exception, or does it reflect the cruelty of every-day life?

BUSHFALLERS starts its journey in Berlin and comes to an end in Cameroon. Rather than repeating the often overused pictures and superficial stories about migrants in the media, this interview-based film tries to offer an inside-look, as the documentary leaves room fort he protagonists to tell their own stories.

Stories that take their expectations and experiences, past, present and future, into account.

This is a story about leaving and arriving, about hope and struggle, fail and fight as well as the uncertainty of waiting.

BUSHFALLERS – A Journey of Chasing Dreams enters a world between aspiration and reality, between happiness and sadness, always searching for the inner desire of migration.

The documentary is in English and German with english subtitles.

After the screening there is a Q&A in English with one of the filmmakers Mbuh Blaise from Bamenda Film School. Mbuh Blaise will also speak about the current political situation in Cameroon.

Free entrance. Donations are welcome! All of the Donations go to Bamenda Film School!

The event is non-smoking and takes place only in the event room. In the other rooms the bar is running as usual.

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