CANCELD: Short Films from the Rojava Film Festival 2019

21.11.19 - 19:30
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The organizer has unfortunately cancelled the event


From the Rojava International Film Festival

To all film lovers, filmmakers, technicians, projectionists, collectives or individuals who support and put into practice on a daily basis the values of Rojava.

Since 2015 the Film Communes work for the reappropriation of the image, history, languages and cultures of the inhabitants of the region. For four years, despite the context of war and conflict in Rojava, this festival has been fighting for the social reconstruction of the region and the democratization of art.

On November 13th, 2019, the Fourth Edition of the Rojava International Film Festival was supposed to take place. This year, due to the invasion of the area by Turkey, the continuity of the festival has been uncertain and, at this precise moment, we still don’t know if the screening of all the films is going to be possible. This is the reason why we are calling out, so that the Rojava International Film Festival can continue.

In support of the social transformations carried out by the peaceful revolution of Rojava. In support of the population attacked today by Turkey and its Jihadist militias. In support of the struggles waged by the inhabitants of Syria and Rojava, we invite you everywhere in the world to celebrate these screenings.

In Berlin we are also launching together the opening of this Fourth Edition of the Rojava Film Festival. This is part of a common effort to circulate in alternative cinemas, in schools, in factories, in workplaces and on the streets. A collective screening of a festival for freedom.

Rojava is not dead! Rojava will not die!